3 ways to convert HEIC files to JPG on laptops, iPhones and Android

How to convert a heic file to jpg to open photos on all devices. Due to the fact that the heic format file of this iPhone photo can not be opened directly on a mobile phone or laptop that does not support the format.

Well, in order to be able to open it altogether on different devices, it needs to be changed. From heic format to JPG As mentioned in this article, guys

You can not open them on your Android phone or laptop so that you will not be confused when sending photos from your iPhone later.

In fact, this file is in a more modern heic format. Has what Apple uses as a new standard for filming or video recording

Therefore, it is possible that all devices will support this heic format in the future. With smaller size compression but still good quality

It can make storage memory lighter so that it does not fill up quickly. Well, more or less the same image as above for this type of heic format

How to convert heic file to jpg You can do this on a laptop, Android phone or directly on the iPhone.

Let’s discuss

How to convert heic files to jpg

I will first discuss the use of laptops to convert heic to jpg, which is later the case with Android phones, Samsung, Oppo, Rilam, Vivo or Xiaomi and other brands.

Convert heic to jpg on laptop

Once you have successfully transferred the photo file to your laptop, you can convert it with the following steps

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Using an online site to convert heic to jpg like

Open the URL above in Google Chrome or another browser. Which will appear later as shown below

As shown in the image above, you can press the green + sign or the box where the probe is directed. Locate the heic photo file you want to convert

If opened, press and let the process run until the end is 100% marked and the download button appears

The process of converting heic to jpg takes different time depending on the size of the file as well as your internet connection.

In addition, convert only 5 files at most once, if there are many of them, you have to do this several times hehe

Learn to convert heic file to jpg on your Android phone

Meanwhile, for those of you who use an Android phone, you can convert heic files directly to jpg without having to switch between laptops.

The method is similar to the first method, you just need to open a browser application like Google Chrome, enter the URL above and be able to convert online.

It may seem complicated at first, you have to open it here and there, but once you get used to it, it will be easy.

Likewise, for you iPhone users, you can use the same method above. The advantage of this method is that we do not need to install third-party applications that can fully load the HP internal storage.

Advantages and disadvantages of converting this heic file to jpg

Of course, the advantage of using this method is that it is easier and does not require the installation of additional applications so as not to burden your laptop or mobile phone.

The quality of the converted results does not change like the original file

The problem is that we have to be online and if the one we convert is big and big, we can spend a lot of money.

For the above conversion site, there are a maximum of 5 files for one conversion, so it should be repeated in case of many conversions.

Alternatively you might be able to use one heic to jpg site, which can be multiple at a time

Well, here are the first tips on how to convert heic files to jpg. I hope this helps and look forward to more tips

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