3 ways to convert video to MP3 online and offline

There are several ways to convert video to mp3 or convert video to MP3. It can be online or offline

It can also be via Android mobile phone or via laptop or PC. We will discuss everything here, okay?

So, please choose what you think is the easiest and most effective way to convert video to MP3

Due to the fact that the size of video files is larger than MP3 files

For example, you have a video song that you want to convert to MP3 so that it can be played on an MP3 player.

There are two ways to convert video to MP3. Online and can also be offline

Where there are advantages and disadvantages of each of these two directions. Which one do you prefer? Let’s discuss

How to convert videos to MP3

We will first discuss for you laptop or PC users. And later we will discuss about Android users

First, make sure you have the video you want to convert to MP3. And do the following

For laptop or PC users, you can use third-party applications to convert video files to MP3 offline

1. How to convert video to MP3 on laptop or PC

The method is as follows:

For example, I use any free video converter program

Download any video converter program

Install and open the application, a menu will appear to fill the video you want to change

As shown above, you can press add video and go to the video file you want to edit

Going down later, there is a list of movies. Can convert more than 1 video at a time

If added, continue selecting the MP3 format by pressing the button on the second arrow. If you press the converter now, look for the MP3 format

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2. How to convert video to MP3 on Android

There are many Android apps that can be used to convert movies to MP3. One of them can use the video output of Video to MP3 program

You can convert videos to MP3 on Android with just one click, and you can also cut or select the parts you want to convert.

The method is very easy, download video to MP3 from Google Play Store

Open it and add the video you want to edit

Just convert as you wish

3. How to convert videos to MP3 online

For convenience, convert video to MP3 online via PC or Android. You can do this as follows. That’s right, just open the browser app. Can Google Chrome

Then go to

Select the MP3 menu and all you have to do is press the file option and please find the video file you want to convert to MP3.

Just press the converter and let the process run

Friends, in addition to how to convert videos from YouTube, I have talked about in other articles, you can read in the following article how to convert YouTube videos to MP3 without a program.


How to convert video to MP3 online is actually easier and you do not need to install the program. But keep in mind, online requires a fast internet connection as well as a large quota.

This method is less effective if used to convert video to mp3 in large or long size

If you use the first method, we really need to install the program, but converting large files or large numbers is easier and faster.

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