5 Ways to Deal With OPPO Cell Phones of All Kinds

How to beat an Oppo mobile phone is very easy. For all of you, Oppo HP users, whether old, such as the Oppo A3s, Oppo A5s, or even the newer, may be slow.

This Oppo HP slowness can be caused by many reasons. Of course, you guys can fix it yourself

Like this tutorial, let’s talk about how to overcome a slow Oppo mobile until it slowly comes back and opens many apps like a new mobile.

Yes, because most of these oppo phones are slow due to full storage space and can also be full due to RAM.

To do this, first identify your HP and then perform repairs to maximize results

Let’s just discuss how to deal with Oppo Kend phones for all types as follows

Here are 5 ways to deal with slow Oppo mobile phones for all types

In the case of this slow Oppo HP, there are 2 categories. One is slow on the network and the other on opening the app, moving the app, huh?

For this network, I rejected it, but for those who want to know, they can read another article that talks about how to fix the HP network slowness.

Back to the discussion, repair Oppo’s mobile phone to open applications

1. Remove and disable unnecessary programs in HP Oppo

Applications that are not important should be removed because in addition to filling the internal memory, it can also slow down the mobile phone. This is because it shares RAM with many applications

Here’s how to remove it:

  • Remove the HP oppo application through Settings
  • Open the settings menu
  • Select the application management menu
  • Find unused programs, select Uninstall

In addition to the above method, it can be done quickly. That means pressing and holding the icon of the program you want to delete. Then select the cross or uninstall menu

In the case of the default Oppo program, which can not be deleted, you can disable it. So that the consumption of rum is not reduced

The procedure is the same, ie press and hold the icon of the program you want to disable. Select the application information then select Disable

2. Clear the cache files of each program

All programs always leave unwanted files or cache as they are used every day. The larger the file, the more storage space it can fill

Finally, the Oppo HP is slow. To do this, delete periodically

  • Press and hold the icon of the program you want to clear the cache
  • Select the program menu information
  • Select the storage space and clear the cache

You can also delete the data, but keep in mind that if you delete the data, the program will return to its original state. You will be asked to sign in again, for example, an item deleted by the Instagram app

3. Get rid of unnecessary notifications

Next how to deal with Oppo hp slow. It can be from many notifications. Have you ever installed an app that has been followed by a lot of annoying notifications? For example, like the shareit app, an online store app that pops up often, advertisements, news, or other items are very annoying.

It can also slow down Oppo HP. For that, just turn off the notification

  • Open the settings menu
  • Select the notification bar and status
  • Find the app you want to turn off notifications for

4. Turn off behind-the-scenes apps

Frequently changing programs as many programs run behind the scenes can also affect RAM performance.

Guys that make the Oppo HP very slow. To do this, turn off unused apps by deleting all apps in the recent app

5. Restart HP periodically

Yes, if you feel the HP Oppo is slow. Restart the phone as usual by turning it off and then on again

This method may seem trivial, but it can slow down Oppo HP to run slowly again.

Also read: How to remove default apps on Android phones

Well, how to deal with a slow Oppo mobile phone has been proven above that it can overcome a slow Oppo HP in all types. In addition, you can use the official and updated program, with a few bugs you can get a good program

Kids, in addition to the official app, always use the latest version of the operating system on your mobile phone. For those of you who want to know more tips and tutorials, you can subscribe to the following channel

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