5 Ways to Overcome the Error of Downloading Free Fire Resources

Error downloading free fire sources, notifications that do not really work. For you lovers of boyahh games. Oh, this free fire game may have notification problems, do not download resources

This may be because there is a real problem with your internet connection and it could also be on your mobile phone, guys

Appears when you first try to install or update the game, yes, because this free fire game requires resources to run the game or is usually called extra files that are in OBB.

Well, for those of you who have this problem. Do not be afraid guys, we have a solution with a few tips below

Be sure to read to the end so that you can successfully resolve the error of downloading resources in this free fire game

How to overcome the error of loading free fire sources

There are several ways you can do this. Make sure you start from the first step to be successful later

1. Internet problems

Yes, internet speed and stability is the key to success in downloading free fire game resources, guys

Do not let the download interrupt in the middle of the way, which will lead to not downloading fire game resources for free.

Once your internet is stable and smooth, make the following repairs if there is a problem with the network

  • Turn off your mobile network and turn it on again
  • Choose the best 4G lte network
  • Use a smooth Wi-Fi network
  • Restart HP

For more information on overcoming the Internet in Android, you can read the previous article, How to Overcome the Internet Slowly in Android.

2. HP memory is full

Problems may also occur when the HP memory is full, so there is no more space to store free fire sources

An error message will appear next, make sure there is still plenty of HP memory, at least 1 GB left for free fire play, guys

3. Delete and re-download

This fire may not be downloaded for free because there is an internet problem so it crashes. To solve this problem, you can delete the free fire game and download it again from the beginning. But if it still does not work, use the following 4 methods

4. Install free fire sources manually

If your internet connection turns out to be running, no problem, but this free fire source download error message still appears.

Perform data source installation manually. By downloading the OBB file from Freefire and transferring it to Android data

The method is as follows

  • First download the obb file here (download obb free fire)
  • After downloading, please open the file manager / file manager application on your mobile phone
  • Find download results sooner and go to the folder com.dts.freefireth Which is in internal memory> android> obb
  • Done, please try opening free fire program, it should be normal and you can log in

If you do not want to download the obb file, which is very large, you can use the following method:

5. Send from another mobile phone

Especially for those of you who have friends or other mobile phones, you have successfully installed the free fire game. It can be run normally, then you can request the file and install it on your mobile phone

You can send it via shareI or use the shareMe application. Because the process is long, I wrote about it in another article that you can read here. How to send free fire games to other mobile phones


After doing 5 ways to fix the download source error in this free fire. You need to be able to play fireworks for free

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