5 ways to solve Sausage Man force close loading are stuck

Overcoming Sausage Man force close is stuck, does not open or gets stuck while loading

This game, which has just been released and has attracted the attention of many gamers, is really funny and really fun.

This is very similar to the PUBG or Free fire battle game so it is not difficult for children to play

And the presence of sausage characters as well as various missions makes the game more exciting. Well, for those of you who already want to play this game

But having trouble with sausages is forced or unfortunately stopped and even just gets stuck when trying to enter

Children, calm down, do not be afraid. There are points that can overcome this close force of the sausage man

Well, we’ll talk about Android as well as iPhone, yes. Because this game is currently available on these two platforms

So, to make it easier, we will separate later, please use iPhone or Android

How to deal with Sausage Man force close

There can be several reasons, for the first time we will discuss for you Android users. Start as follows

How to solve sausage man game error in Android

What often happens is the sausage man’s mistake because there is so much load on your cell phone. It can also damage the game. To do this, it is necessary to make the following corrections:

1. Free up memory space

Given that the sausage man is a very heavy game, more space should be provided. Make sure no other programs or games run at the same time

Delete all apps or games so that there is still plenty of RAM on your mobile phone to run this game.

2. The network is less stable

A bad network can cause sausage man game errors. Like getting stuck while loading and even worse, you can not enter the game

Follow this step to fix it

  • Change HP to airplane mode
  • Let stand for a few seconds 10-15 seconds
  • Then disable airplane mode and enable mobile / WiFi network
  • Make sure you are not using a VPN, if so, turn off the VPN first

I repaired the network and of course it is stable and smooth. You can reopen the sausage man game. Is it still wrong or not?

3. HP crashes

Because many programs are running. And your cell phone has never been cared for, it may break down which will prevent this sausage man from playing the game.

To fix it, you just need to do the following

  • Exit running programs
  • Then press the power button for a long time
  • Select Turn off the phone
  • Off, restart the phone

By restarting this way, let the mobile run the app from the beginning so that nothing is corrupted

But if it still does not work, do this next step of the repair

4. Delete the sausage man game cache file

So that there is no unused file in sausage man game that causes sausage man game error

  • Go to settings
  • Select the app and search for Sausage Man
  • Select Clear Cache
  • Or the fast-paced, long-pressed Sausage Man game
  • Press the i logo or application information
  • Then select Storage manager
  • And clear the cache
5. Remove Sausage man and reinstall

The last step is to uninstall and reinstall the game so that all data and games are replaced with new data. However, this method requires a higher quota for download

The volume is up to 2 GB, so make sure the package is available and the HP internal memory is not full, guys

Above, how to deal with a sausage man, forced closure or exit alone, not logging in to your Android mobile phone, for you iPhone or iOS users you can do the following.

How to catch a male sausage on iPhone

There are many things for iPhone users who can not enter the game sausagem man, suddenly exit themselves and can not even enter, just stuck in the load.

For that, you have to pay attention to your iPhone to repair it so that you can play sausage man games on your iPhone.

1. iOS version

All games and programs have minimums or requirements to run properly, especially in software, this can also be problematic.

According to the game sausage man, at least requires running iOS version 10 and above. So make sure your iOS is eligible

And in some cases, even if it is already above iOS 10, it still gets errors. And what I tried in iOS 14.6 can only run on iPhone 7

Well, if you’re using an iPhone with iOS version 14.6, try updating it to make Sausage Man play well.

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2. Change the language of the iPhone to English

Despite being released globally, sausage man does not support Indonesian. This can be the reason for the good performance of the game

To do this, you can change the language of your iPhone to English

3. Restart the game and iPhone

Stuck or an error may be due to game failure. To fix this, remove the game from the recent app and then turn off your iPhone

And as always, turn it on again, make sure the internet is turned on and can be used before restarting Sausage Man’s game.

4. Reduce graphics

The quality that can be included in the game of sausage man and get out of it, can reduce the quality of the game graphics so that the performance of the iPhone is not too heavy.

This also applies to Android users, to make it lighter and produce a fixed frame per second when running sausage man games.

  • بازی بازی
  • Enter the settings
  • Screen settings
  • On the graphic, reduce it to smooth or medium
  • And save
5. Reinstall the game

I successfully installed and played yesterday, but it was not updated to 100% after the update

After I opened it again, it turned out that the sausage man loading game was 99% stuck

To fix it, I had to delete it and reinstall it. Yes, you have to download from the beginning, which requires a quota of about 2 GB

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Sausage Man is released on its own or gets stuck in loading, this could be due to the above, it could also be because there is a bug in the game as it is still new.

I hope there will be constant updates in the future and it will be easier to use. From my experience playing this game. Playing on HP is futile and sometimes ping is reduced even if the network is still good

I do not know because my cell phone is a potato or in fact the game still needs adjustments or improvements. For those of you who are curious to try this game, you can watch the video below

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