How to display folders in hidden files Android 11

How to display folders in Android 11 on all Samsung phones, VIVO, Realme, OPPO, Redmi and other mobile phones that use the Android operating system

On Android, there is already a file processing application. We usually call it file manager

Where can we see the contents of each mobile folder?

Well, in Android 11, there is something different, guys. Because there are some folders or files that we used to be able to access but now we can’t

Hidden or hidden so that we can not display the files in Android using the default file manager

You can use the following method to display folders in Android 11:

How to display folders in Android 11 or other versions of Android

These tips are very important for those of you who like to install games or apps manually. Because in Android we need access to the folder

Otherwise, you can not edit, add or delete files in Android

So, here’s how to open access to your Android phone folder

To make it easy, we need a file management program

Here I use the ZArchiver app which you can download for free from the google play store

If it is already installed, you just need to open it

You can open the folder you want later

For example, open the Android folder and then the data

There will be automatic notification of access rights, please select permission

Unless you have successfully accessed everything, you can now open folders on HP Android 11 and later Android, guys

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How? How to open folder access in Android is very easy. We hope you do not have any problem with displaying folders on your Android phone with the above method

For those of you who are still confused by the above method, you can see the video tutorial on how to display folders in Android 11 below.

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