How to download the latest version of YouTube Go

In this article, you can try how to download the latest version of YouTube Go on all mobile phones. Youtube Go, which has several advantages over the regular version of YouTube

It is suitable for mobile phones that have little internal memory, in addition, it can also save the quota while watching video through Youyube Go.

Yes, you can adjust the video quality as well as the quota required to watch each video

There are many great features of Youtube go, you can read the rest in the article I wrote. Read: The benefits of Youtube Go, which is suitable for reducing quotas

You can read more about the YouTube Go feature on the official website, Kids. Well, that’s the problem on the official website, the Youtube Go download link is actually provided, which leads to the Google Play Store.

But after I tried it, it turned out that the link did not work or the application could not be found

So, we need a little trick to install Youtube Go on our Android phones, guys. Here is the review

How to download Youtube Go

If we can download directly from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, this was not possible at the time of writing. And I hope more in the future

Well, who can not download YouTube Go from Google Play. Here is how

  • Open the google chrome browser app and please download the Youtube Go apk
  • Wait for the download process to complete
  • Please open the downloaded YouTube Go apk
  • Please let me know if there is a warning
  • Select Continue Installation until it is complete and then the Youtube go app is ready to use

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How to download youtube go, which is not in the Google Play Store, is very easy. Hopefully with this method you can use the YouTube Go app which is very light and also saves internal memory

So far, how to download YouTube Go and for those of you who are still confused, you can watch the tutorial in the video below. And do not forget to subscribe to our channel so you do not miss information, tips and tutorials related to technology

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