How to install Genshin Impact on an incompatible Potato HP

How to install Genshin Impact on an incompatible Potato HP

How to install Genshin Impact on a potato mobile takes a bit of effort, guys, because we’re a little pushy so we can play this heavy game.

Considering this game, Genshin Impact requires relatively high specifications. Its minimum specifications are 4 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal space

The processor is also at a very low level, so do not be surprised if we use a potato mobile phone will not appear in the Google Play Store when searching for this game.

When you type genshin Impact in the Play Store, it does not appear even if it is not compatible. Yes, even though the developer has released a hankoi effect that is almost identical

You can tell the Khk style version

Well, let’s just talk about how to install Genshin Impact on a potato phone

How to install Genshin Impact on potato mobile

Oh yes, here are just tips on how to install it. For example, it works later, but it is really slow for Genshin Impact, right?

I do not know if it can be played later or not, the important thing is to install it first guys

First, install the Tap Tap application so that you can download Impact Jenshin

  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Type the phrase tap tap and then the web tap tab will open as shown below
  • Download the app to complete
  • The installation is complete and the home screen looks like this
  • It can be opened, just look for Genshin Impact in the search bar
  • Already found, press download to run the process
  • Download successful, let and please install the game

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Once installed, you just need to open it and update and log in. So far, how to install Genshin Impact on a mobile phone or is it not compatible?

I hope you can play with logs, guys, haha. If you are experiencing delays or excessive applications on your mobile phone. You can use the following tips

Well, get here first and wait for the next tips. Have a good game

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