How to repair the connection is not private

How to overcome your connection while browsing in Google Chrome or other browsers is not private. I have experienced such things a lot lately

You can not open certain sites and even experience an insecure site alert or insecure connection on this web

Well, how? Even if the web already uses ssl, which is recommended by Google for security access

Well, mention security when browsing. Each website uses a layer to keep visitors safe from personal information.

This is shown on sites that have SSL encryption installed, which usually appears at the beginning of the https site.

This means that the site is safe to visit

However, if ssl is not updated on your device, a read error that results in the site already using ssl is considered unsafe.

For that, in this article I want to talk about how to overcome an insecure connection or the non-privacy of your connection. Your connection is not private or other error messages

There are several ways to fix the insecure connection, please follow the steps below until it works, step by step

Both on laptop and mobile

How to repair the connection is not private

Here’s how to fix it on laptops or cell phones that use a browser like google chrome

Update your watch on your laptop or mobile phone

An insecure connection alert could be because your laptop or cell phone clock is not accurate. To do this, make the settings according to the updated clock

To use the mobile phone, you can set the clock as follows:

  • Go to settings / settings or phone settings
  • Select General Management / Additional Settings
  • Select language and time
  • Select a date and time and mark the date and time automatically

With a note, you must have an internet package or an internet connection on your mobile phone so that you can automatically update the date and time.

Update the clock on the laptop

Please press the Windows logo on the keyboard

  • Date later type Date and time options appear
  • Please select it to enter the date and time change menu in Windows 7 or higher
  • Select Change, select the region to +7, and mark Auto Update
  • The laptop’s time and date will change automatically later

Clear browser history

A notification that your connection is not private or that your connection is not private may also be due to an accumulated browser history error.

You will also need to delete it, but keep in mind that if you delete the history, all information in the browser will be lost.

Like web browsing history, accounts in the browser are asked to sign in again

Well, if you are ready to clear your browser cache / history. Here’s solution is to delete your private connection by deleting your browser history

Here I use the example of Google Chrome browser

Select the settings menu in the upper right corner. Tip 3, look at the image below

Select History and select History again to enter the next menu

Then select clear browser

Then select all the time and clear the data

Keep in mind, this clean history method will delete browser data. You will therefore be prompted to sign in again to all accounts logged in to your browser. For example Facebook account, Google account and other accounts

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Given that the above method has not yet been resolved, your internet connection is not private? We will continue the next improvement as follows

Your internet connection problem is not private because your laptop does not update windows. So the installed SLL has expired

You have to update for that

Here’s how to resolve an impersonal connection with a Windows update

Especially for Windows 7 users, if you do not update, you will often find that your connection is not private.

To perform updates such as the following

You must first have a stable and fast internet connection. Because the Windows update area requires a large quota as well as a fast connection

If so, download the 32-bit Windows 7 update here and the 64-bit Windows 7 update here.

After downloading, click or install 2x and follow the steps to complete. When done, you must manually update as follows

Click start and select Control Panel

Select Windows Update

Then select the Update Check option, Windows will be updated automatically. This process is very long depending on the speed of your internet, guys

When the download is complete, Windows will ask you to restart to install the update.

Well, so far your internet connection problem is not private. Good luck and good luck guys

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