How to solve Google application on Samsung, oppo, vivo, realme, xiaomi phones is constantly stopped

How to fix Google’s program is stopped due to a crash so that the program does not run properly

This is because there is an update to the latest version and there is outdated data that is causing the crash.

For you Android users, this is perfectly normal

Therefore, there is no need to panic and only need the repairs described below, guys

The first thing you need to do to put your mobile phone in a location is an internet connection. Because this modification needs to be re-downloaded

So, what is this Google app? If you are an Android user, you are probably familiar with Google’s default applications. Where is the search menu on the home page

To make browsing the Internet easier, you can use voice commands or scan images that appear directly in Internet searches.

This is what keeps Google going, and it still stops being annoying when it breaks down.

Here’s how to fix it

How to repair Google’s program is constantly stopped

When a notification appears, Google’s stopping repeatedly, select the exit menu to prevent it from appearing again

Unpublished, you can open the Google Playstore app directly

  • You are already logged in to google play, press the avatar logo
  • Select Manage apps and devices
  • Select Manage to display a list of installed applications
  • Search and click the google app
  • The Uninstall menu will appear later and open it
  • Select Uninstall until the process is complete
  • When done, it becomes an update button
  • Please press update to complete the process

Your Google App has now been successfully repaired. The children are back to normal

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In addition, if the above process is done but still goes out, Google will still stop. Then delete the application data this way:

  • Go to settings
  • Choose a management application
  • Search Google Apps
  • Then select Clear Cache and Data

Is our data being lost? For example photos, contacts, emails? No guys, nothing will be lost because Google App only affects browsing history

For those of you who are still confused, you can watch the above tutorial in the video below

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