How to transfer WA to new mobile without losing chat

How to transfer wa to a new mobile phone requires care as well as correct steps so that the old mobile data is not lost. So for those of you who have just bought a mobile phone and want to transfer WhatsApp to a new mobile phone without losing chat and other Grubb friends, you can use the method in this article.

Be sure not to skip a step to get the results as expected, guys, because if it’s wrong, message or friend data will be lost in the old WA.

So, you have to be careful, right?

Before moving WA to a new mobile phone, you need to have enough internet connection to make this easier. Even if you can transfer WA to a new mobile phone offline, you can. Here we first discuss online

Which we can do offline later. And most importantly, you also need to set up an active email address and be able to sign in to new and old cell phones.

Because we will do the backup online via email. So make sure there are no problems with this part of the email. Well, if you have submitted an email, we can start as follows

How to transfer wa to a new mobile phone

Here’s how to transfer wa to a new mobile phone successfully. If you are a WA user whose WA mobile phone number is dead for your account list, it is still the same as the previous number. There will be another way later, guys. Which I will also discuss

So let’s sum it up for cases where the number is still the same, okay?

WhatsApp backup process on old cell phone before transferring WA to new cell phone

On old cell phones, prepare yourself for backup

Open the WhatsApp app

Go to settings (press line / three dots in the upper right corner)

Select suit

Then select the menu Chat

Swipe down and select Offers

Log in to the menu as above, just select your Google Account. Choose your email that is still active and you can also sign in with a new mobile

If you have selected active email, you can back up via mobile data or WiFi

Similarly, if you want to back up chats in video format, the review section includes video. But if you add a video, the backup process takes longer because the data gets bigger

If so, press Backup and wait for the backup process to be 100% successful

You have successfully backed up your chat, you can go to a new mobile phone to restore it as follows

The process of recovering WA chat to a new mobile phone

Make sure you’ve logged in to your new mobile like your old mobile, and you can use it later to open Google Play to first download the WhatsApp app on your new mobile and also the number used for WA to your mobile New change. . If it is already open and enter your number

Wait for the WA verification code to be sent and enter the verification code successfully

You will then be asked to fill in your WA name, enter your name and press Continue. In this process you will be directed to Restore

Select Allow and select the same old mobile email address that you backed up. Automatically recovers or recovers

The contents of the chat are returned and successfully transferred to a new mobile phone. The recovery process depends on the size of your backed up chat data

The larger it is, the longer it takes and the internet speed conditions affect it

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I also often do how to transfer wa to a new mobile phone, the data that is returned is the latest backed up data

So be sure to back up and restore it immediately, because if you restore it later or later, the last chat will not be backed up, so it will be lost.

And previous chats are overwritten with the latest backup. For example, if you have a chat that you deleted, it will not be restored if a new backup has been made.

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