How to turn off full screen mode on Xiaomi models

Turn off full screen mode on Xiaomi, for those of you who are not used to using full screen mode

Or commonly called the Xiaomi gesture feature, you can turn it off with the following steps:

Considering that the full screen mode feature in this Xiaomi will be a bit complicated for those of you who are not used to using a mobile phone without a navigation button.

Using the full screen feature on Xiaomi, use the drag or drop feature to work with the phone

Change apps, go back, or open the Recent Apps menu. Which can be less responsive to specific situations

For those of you who do not have this method, you can turn off the full screen model on Xiaomi as follows.

How to turn off full screen mode on Xiaomi

Follow the quick steps below to turn off the full screen mode on Xiaomi, this mode works for all types of Xiaomi both Redmi and miui 12 or newer.

First, open the phone’s settings menu

Swipe down to find additional settings menu

Look for the full screen mode menu

Switch to button mode

With the above method, you were later able to reset the Xiaomi mobile navigation menu button.

This indicates that you have disabled the full screen mode feature on your Xiaomi phone, guys

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This feature is very useful for those of us who are accustomed to using swipe or swipe gestures when using a mobile phone. But not for people who prefer to use the navigation buttons

It can also be a replacement for those of you who have trouble navigating at the bottom of the page. Of course, use the facilities if needed

As an additional point, the gesture feature is still relatively new in Android. Starting with Android 9, this feature is new and there are still problems that are still normal

For example, like the iPhone, which is softer, less responsive or still a little stiff

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Well, this is a review on how to turn off full screen mode on Xiaomi, I hope it helps

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