Where are the Telegram download results stored? Here’s how to find it

Where are Telegram downloads stored? Still looking for it confused? Kids, calm down, do not be afraid, you can find it in the way we discuss below

Telegram is one of the most popular chat applications after WhatsApp. These two chats are for users to fight with some of the great features that each app has

Well, for you new Telegram app users, you might be wondering where Telegram download results are stored: files, photos, videos, pictures or documents.

By default, the file is saved in the gallery according to its category and can also be viewed in the file management application. For example, you download a video from Telegram

It is then automatically saved to your video gallery or phone

Likewise, when you download a photo or image, it automatically enters the phone gallery. So what about files in the form of files? Does it also go to the gallery menu?

No guys because the file is usually PDF, docx, ppt or other models are entered in the file manager

To view the storage location of Telegram download results as follows:

How to view Telegram download results Where stored

What we are discussing here is the use of an Android mobile phone, whether Xiaomi Redmi, Reelmi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung or other Androids that are already equipped with a file manager.

But if you are looking for a file management program or a file manager, there is none

You can download the third Google application file in the Google Play Store

You found it, you open the file manager, it looks like if you are using a Xiaomi mobile phone, guys

Well, in this application, it is categorized based on the file type. For example, file files are imported into documents, photo and video files are imported into movie and photo folders

Please see the download results from Telegram here

But if you do not find it, you can search manually

  • Enter the internal memory through the file manager application as above, how to do it
  • Press the folder logo next to the magnifying glass logo. Note the image above
  • Then select the Android folder
  • Select the data folder
  • Look for the com.telegram folder. Messenger
  • Select the file, search here according to what you have already downloaded

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About the problem

Missed Telegram downloads?

When you downloaded from Telegram and did not find it in the gallery or file manager, you can check in the Telegram application whether the download was really successful or not. If it fails, please download it again to make it 100%

Downloads from Telegram are not saved

The download may not have been completed due to mobile memory, it may be a problem with your Telegram app, guys, you can try to clear the memory to free up enough space.

And delete Telegram, in case of an error in Telegram, reinstall the Telegram application

So far, here are some tips on how to view Telegram download results

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