Why is TikTok Lite Balance Drop old?

Old tiktok lite inventory withdrawals are not entered? Did you withdraw money from tiktok, the balance has decreased but has not entered the DANA or OVO balance? Children, calm down, do not be afraid

Here I share my experience and also collect information from tiktok lite users who are experiencing delays in retrieving old tiktok lite inventories.

In fact, there are so many requests to withdraw from tiktok inventory, and the tiktok system is still relatively new. So it is possible that it will take a long time, but there are those who can go directly to the DANA or OVO account.

There are other problems as well, as I discussed yesterday about the non-increase of coins. What I have discussed in this article about Tiktok Light Coins does not spin

So, let’s go back to the discussion of why the remnants of the old crime were removed and how to overcome them

Cause of old balance harvest tiktok lite

As I mentioned above, withdrawing your TikTok inventory may take a while because there are too many queues.

And the system randomly sends the inventory request you make, another account may be faster and it may also take longer.

Due to the daily demand is high, so it is natural to experience delays. Please wait for your DAN or OVO inventory to arrive. And make sure the account is correct and there are no violations according to the relevant regulations

Here is information about tiktok harvest

How to remove the old inventory of tiktok lite

What we can do is wait up to 3 business days, if it has not already arrived. You can report settings and reports or you can call DANA or OVO

But usually if it is transferred from tiktok, you can go directly to OVO or DANA.

Tips, it is better to harvest during working hours, for example in the morning or afternoon, so that it can be processed immediately.

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Well, here are a few tips as well as information on removing old tikto inventory in the process. Just be patient and wait according to the applicable procedure

And make sure that the account has no problem, for example, there is a fake account or invalid or incorrect data in writing the number for withdrawal.

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