How to beat HP full memory for Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, VIVO

HP full memory can be a serious problem for us smartphone users, whether HP Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, Realme, VIVO and other brands.

All smartphones should have experienced this

Whether it is internal memory or external memory that fills up very quickly

Especially if you use a smartphone with low internal memory capacity

Let’s just say 8 or 16 GB, of course, you have to be very smart to take care of it so that the storage space does not fill up quickly.

Allow no more full storage notifications, less storage space constantly appearing

Of course, it will be very annoying

That’s not all, when HP memory is full, several problems can occur

One of them that often happens

Due to full HP memory or almost full storage space

HP is very slow

It is not possible to receive and send videos, photos and other files

The WA story does not open

Photos can not be sent via WA

The application could not be opened

And the worst part is that HP does the regiment

Therefore, regular maintenance is very important

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of HP

Before you begin, it’s best to know what makes HP memory fill up quickly, even if it’s still empty

  1. Schedules are not important updates
  2. Apps and social media (FB, WA, IG, Youtube, tikTok, etc.) that rarely delete cache data.
  3. Download from the Internet
  4. Photos or videos recorded
  5. Lots of programs installed

From some of the above problems, let’s discuss how to solve them

Auto update program

Basically, we are recommended to use the latest version of the Android application

In order to get better app performance as well as the latest features

But when you do an update, it definitely increases the use of internal memory

Therefore, it should be noted. Which programs need to be updated and which do not need to be updated so that the internal memory does not fill up quickly

If you’ve done the update before, here’s how to remove it

  • Enter the settings
  • Select the program manager / installed program
  • Select the application you want to delete the update from
  • Open and delete updates

Usually the program that performs this update is the default HP program that cannot be removed

If you feel the app is not important, rarely or never used, it is best to just delete the update

Updated after successful shutdown. Also turn off auto-update in google playstore settings

  • Open the Google Play app
  • Select the Settings menu
  • Do not select the auto-update app

Clear cache data Social media apps as well as all apps

Social media is interesting, whether Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others

But over time, you will continue to use it

Open scrolls to see friends’ posts or stories. It can also help you use the internal storage of your mobile phone

You have to delete it

Go to settings

Select the program manager / installed program

Select the app you want to clear the cache for, for example, Facebook / Browser

Select Storage and select Delete

Notes: Remember that deleting this data may cause you to be asked to sign in again. So make sure you remember your username and password

In the case of WhatsApp, you can use WhatsClean to be really clean

You can download it from Google Play here

You can then delete items that you no longer think are important

Also read: How to delete WhatsApp files so that it does not slow down

Download files

For those of you who like to download, you can persistently go for extra memory so that HP’s internal memory does not run out.

For example, downloading music or video from the Internet is stored in the internal storage by default. Please just move

In the case of videos downloaded from YouTube, they cannot be transferred to internal storage. The solution is to delete it if you no longer watch it

Photos or videos you record

Now that the resolution of the camera is getting bigger, of course, recording or taking a photo once also produces a large size.

To do this, persevere in the external memory so as not to overload the internal memory

  • Open the file manager
  • Select the internal memory
  • Look for the DCIM / piture / camera folder
  • Move the files in it to external memory

Also read: How to transfer files from HP to Flashdisk

Too many programs

Well, this can also help end the internal memory faster

Especially if it’s a game, but as soon as your cell phone memory is full, guys

For that, if the program does not matter, use it as wisely as possible, it is better to just delete it


In fact, there are many reasons why HP’s internal storage fills up so quickly. As well as how to quickly solve the internal memory filling

But if I discuss all of them, it will be too long. As a supplement to overcome complete internal memory

You can watch this video

These are the things that happen most often and contribute to the high consumption of internal memory

For more details on each program or other tips on using internal memory, you can read here

For you iPhone users, you can read my article on how to overcome iPhone’s full memory [ panduan lengkap ]

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