How to overcome all kinds of slow Samsung phones?

How to deal with Samsung mobile phones in all types can be done as follows

For those of you who use Samsung cell phones, you’ve probably experienced something called slow.

HP’s performance has suddenly dropped, to the point where it is used to open apps that are used with delays, slowness, and even forced shutdowns on Samsung phones.

This is not a new problem, it can happen when you need to do important things. Of course it would be very annoying, wouldn’t it?

Well, for that. There are tips from for dealing with slow Samsung phones like this article

Here are some tips

How to fix a Samsung mobile phone

Mobile phone slowness can occur for a variety of reasons. What often happens is that a large number of programs are installed

In addition to many applications, it can also be due to the full capacity of HP internal memory

It could also be because the program you are running requires high HP specifications. Well, let’s talk one by one to solve this slow Samsung mobile phone problem

Make progress from the first step to the end. Start with the following

Too many programs

There are more and more Android apps. Which has advanced features and the game is very fun

For example, for social media we can install more than one item, for example WhatsApp, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more.

Not to mention the addition of photo editing programs, videos like VN, CapCup and many more

And for those of you who love gaming, you certainly do not want to miss the exciting games that are installed on your mobile phone, kids

Therefore, it can be concluded from this that many installed programs certainly reduce the capacity of internal memory as well as RAM capacity.

Because in fact, if you open the program and do not close it, it will run behind the screen, which of course requires RAM space to run the program.

Go to settings, select device maintenance. And select the memory that appears as shown below, details how much RAM each application uses when running behind the screen

Well, we can see from the picture above. Here it says an unused program means it runs in the background

But it currently uses 312 MB of RAM. Not to mention the above application with the system. It is necessary to delete applications that are not used so as not to affect the slowness of mobile performance.

To close it simply by

  • Press the Home button (middle menu button)
  • Press the recent application button (left menu button)
  • Select Close all apps

This will exit all applications and restart them when you open the application.

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How? Will your Samsung mobile work again without any problems? If you have not already done so, you can use the next slow HP override below

Remove trivial programs

As I mentioned earlier in the article. Mobile slowness can be caused by many installed applications

To do this, you need to delete programs that are not important so that HP performance can be easily restored

How to uninstall an application on a Samsung mobile phone is very easy, there are 2 ways you can do it as below

  • Go to settings
  • Select the application
  • Find and press the program you want to delete
  • A menu will appear later and please select Uninstall as shown below

Or it can be done faster, by long pressing the icon of the program you want to delete until several menus appear. Choose to delete or uninstall the program

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Increase the internal memory space of your Android mobile phone

In the next step, we reduce the use of internal memory. Because HP’s internal memory is full, it can also slow down HP

This method is very easy with the following steps

Move documents to external storage or extra storage. Photos, videos or other files. If you still do not know how to move it.

I have prepared a more detailed article on how to transfer files on an Android phone. You can read how to transfer data on an Android phone in the article

Or you can watch the video below

With some of the above ways, has it worked, guys? If not, you can continue with the following tips:

Use the Lite version of the program

You have used the various methods above, but the results are still zero. HP delay in use means that your mobile phone does not have the minimum application specifications

To do this, you need to choose a program that is lightweight, usually in the lite version of the program.

Such as tiktok lite, facebook lite, as well as other lite versions. In fact, the lite version of the app has several features that have been removed or reduced

In order to keep the app on for use. So, are you ready to use the Lite version of the app? Guys, please decide for yourself

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. We hope the above method can help to overcome the Samsung mobile phone that lags behind when using it

In addition, you can also watch our videos below and don’t forget to watch our channel as there are always the latest video updates

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