How to turn off full screen mode on Xiaomi models

Turn off full screen mode on Xiaomi, for those of you who are not used to using full screen mode Or commonly called the Xiaomi gesture feature, you can turn it off with the following steps: Considering that the full screen mode feature in this Xiaomi will be a bit complicated for those of you […]

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How to record free fire without watermark for YouTube content

For example, how do you screen free fire recordings for content needs on YouTube, or do you really like game sets when running free fire? Here are some tips on how to record free fire without watermark, the results are clean according to your mobile capabilities, kids This app is also lightweight and easy to […]

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How to solve Google application on Samsung, oppo, vivo, realme, xiaomi phones is constantly stopped

How to fix Google’s program is stopped due to a crash so that the program does not run properly This is because there is an update to the latest version and there is outdated data that is causing the crash. For you Android users, this is perfectly normal Therefore, there is no need to panic […]

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5 ways to solve Sausage Man force close loading are stuck

Overcoming Sausage Man force close is stuck, does not open or gets stuck while loading This game, which has just been released and has attracted the attention of many gamers, is really funny and really fun. This is very similar to the PUBG or Free fire battle game so it is not difficult for children […]

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4 ways to overcome YouTube that is always asking for updates

How to fix YouTube, which is always asking for updates so that it can not be used to watch videos on YouTube This often happens with apps like YouTube that keep improving and adding features. So it ‘s very natural to keep asking for updates, so you can enjoy the new features available However, for […]

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How to transfer WA to new mobile without losing chat

How to transfer wa to a new mobile phone requires care as well as correct steps so that the old mobile data is not lost. So for those of you who have just bought a mobile phone and want to transfer WhatsApp to a new mobile phone without losing chat and other Grubb friends, you […]

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3 ways to convert HEIC files to JPG on laptops, iPhones and Android

How to convert a heic file to jpg to open photos on all devices. Due to the fact that the heic format file of this iPhone photo can not be opened directly on a mobile phone or laptop that does not support the format. Well, in order to be able to open it altogether on […]

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How to repair the connection is not private

How to overcome your connection while browsing in Google Chrome or other browsers is not private. I have experienced such things a lot lately You can not open certain sites and even experience an insecure site alert or insecure connection on this web Well, how? Even if the web already uses ssl, which is recommended […]

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How to display folders in hidden files Android 11

How to display folders in Android 11 on all Samsung phones, VIVO, Realme, OPPO, Redmi and other mobile phones that use the Android operating system On Android, there is already a file processing application. We usually call it file manager Where can we see the contents of each mobile folder? Well, in Android 11, there […]

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5 Ways to Deal With OPPO Cell Phones of All Kinds

How to beat an Oppo mobile phone is very easy. For all of you, Oppo HP users, whether old, such as the Oppo A3s, Oppo A5s, or even the newer, may be slow. This Oppo HP slowness can be caused by many reasons. Of course, you guys can fix it yourself Like this tutorial, let’s […]

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