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With the rapid development of enterprises and the growing the company scalestrength, the enterprise and requirements given attaches great importance to the construction of talent team,formed a set of  adapting to the futuredevelopment, incentive talents growth and success of human resource managementmechanism.

Progressin the construction of talent team, the company will be personal growth andenterprise development together, give play to the role of the incentivemechanism of choose and employ persons and remuneration, according to differentpositions by way of different types of wages; Related position in personnelrequirements, the company through open competition, make some good employeesthrough organization recommends or personal recommendation, after fair and opencompetition, to the key positions and leadership positions.

Fuyuan is a big family. In fuyuan, you are a member of the family, feel the warmth ofenterprises care and organization, dissolve into enterprise harmoniousatmosphere. Hoping fuyuan family each member will grows with the development ofnatural resource, for the development of the group companies use theirintelligence, contribute our own strength, both in career and life.