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    Shandong[云顶国际官网]Mingde Property Management CO., LTD., registered capital of 5.1 million yuan,the national level qualification enterprise, China property managementassociation, standing director unit. Since its establishment, based on a highstarting point, to learn from Singapore and Hong Kong property management ideaand experience, absorb the property management, senior professional managementpersonnel, successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality systemcertification. The tube project successively combined, provincial fine-quality,the title of the good. By the end of 2009 the total management area of morethan 2300 square meters, college, office, upscale community, industrial parks,hospitals and other property types. Company's existing senior technical titlesof staff 86 people, the department manager of the above-mentioned persons havea license from the ministry of construction and construction department ofshandong province enterprise manager and department manager qualificationcertificate.

    Companiesbelieve in "standing, kneeling service" concept, with"first-class training, first-class talents, first-class management,first-class service" for the career goals, vigorously promote"learning" as the core of advocating performance, pay attention tothe assessment and incentive system, improve the company employees with apositive attitude always hard and service skills, to provide customers withfirst-class cost-effective high quality and professional service.

    Thecompany insists on the tenet of "the family management, personalizedservice", adherence to the "satisfaction, loyalty is priceless"professional integrity, for the customers, owners, developers planning andimplementation of property management services, property value-added potentialplay every square metre, better reflect the property value maintained andadded; Through to the overall property development, property management fromthe general maintenance, run to the whole process, the property of marketing,service and management, truly achieve let owner and customer trust, worry andcomfort.